Our surgical approach

If you’re like most patients, the thought of breast surgery makes you nervous. Of course, you worry about results, recovery and how the surgery will affect your appearance. All of that is completely understandable and normal—but you’ll also find it comforting to know about our surgical approach and technique.

To start, our breast surgeon, Karen Karsif, MD, does only breast surgery. And she’s been doing it exclusively for 15 years. As her patient, that makes a world of difference.

When you sit to consult with Dr. Karsif about your surgery, she will thoroughly explain the procedure to you—exactly what she’ll be doing, how she’ll do it, and your recovery. That way, you’ll know what to expect, which helps make the process easier.

Because of her expertise and experience, Dr. Karsif is able to achieve the best surgical outcome for you, with the least amount of scarring. In many of her patients, for example, she is able to make her incision around the areola (the area of brown skin around the nipple), so any marks from the surgery are minimal.

Yes, surgery can be nerve-racking. But our patients—and you—can take comfort in knowing that experts are looking out for you.

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