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Blood Bank

For your convenience, Bon Secours Charity Health System offers multiple locations for donating blood:

FAQ’s About Donating Blood

Is donating blood safe?
Donating blood is a safe process. All supplies are sterile and single-use for the protection of the donor and the recipient.

Am I eligible to donate?
You must be in generally good health, weigh at least 100 pounds, and be at least 16 years old (with a parental permission form completed). You can donate up to your 76th birthday. After that, you need to supply permission from your Doctor. Remember to bring a photo ID with you!

How long does it take?
The whole process takes under an hour. It starts with registration, a health history and a mini-physical. Then comes the actual donation, which usually takes less than 10-12 minutes. Afterward, you will be asked to spend a few minutes relaxing where you can have a light refreshment before returning to your normal activities.

Three Reasons to Give Blood

  • There is no substitute for human blood. Only your life-saving gift of a donation will make sure that there is enough on hand to meet the needs of our patients. From trauma victims to the seriously ill, only a transfusion from another human being will do.
  • On any given day in the US, only about 60% of the population is eligible to donate. Of those who could donate, only 5% actually do. So for every 100 people, only 3 will step up to the plate and help their neighbors in need. We need every life-saving donation that we can get!
  • Each donation can help multiple people. The blood is separated into its various components, so your red blood cells will go to trauma or surgery patients, and your platelets will help cancer patients, to name a few.

Why Donate with Us?

Every donation brings us closer to our goal of becoming self-sufficient with our blood collections, so that we no longer have to purchase blood from outside vendors. Every donation brings us closer to that goal, and we treasure every life-saving donation.