SMART Balance Master

Good Samaritan Hospital is the ONLY hospital in Rockland and Orange counties to offer the most advanced balance and mobility treatment and technology, The Smart Balance Master®.  

Balance issues affect thousands of people, including individuals with spinal cord and brain injuries, MS and stroke, as well as those with cardiac and orthopaedic conditions. They cause falls, concussions and other disabling accidents and often impede a patients’ progress in rehabilitation. Using the immersive virtual reality of The Smart Balance Master®, from Natus, we can help improve the balance in patients experiencing these debilitating conditions. It can also be used for sports performance enhancement. 

The Smart Balance Master® uses interactive training exercises with visual biofeedback to measure how well a patient's eyes, inner ear, muscles and joints are working together to maintain balance. It quantifies the patient's center of gravity and postural control through a dynamic force plate with rotation capabilities while a visual sensory monitor moves in response to the patient, measuring their use of visual information in maintaining balance. The Smart Balance Master provides immediate assessment and retraining capabilities with visual feedback on either a stable or unstable support surface. Our clinicians use that data to adjust personalized care plans.

Personalized and customize care is paramount to Concussion Management and Rehabilitation Program, which provides therapy across the Bon Secours Charity Health System.  The Smart Balance Master® can be tailored to meet individual patient goals and can be progressed as their capabilities improve.  It assists in the retraining of patients in performing tasks of every day living with a focus on specific sensory and motor skills and helps objectively quantify functional gains.

Types of Rehabilitation

  • Fall risk assessment
  • Fall prevention
  • Concussion management  
  • Vestibular system
  • Sensory analysis  
  • Neurological  
  • Orthopaedic  
  • Vision and gaze 

If you wish to receive an appointment for a balance evaluation, please speak with your primary care provider or call 845.291.0966 to set up an appointment with Dr. Belasco. If you already have a prescription for balance testing, please call the Coordination of Care number for the Rehab Department at 855.987.5150 option 3 to set up an appointment.