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Diagnostic Radiology Routine X-Ray

Diagnostic Radiology Routine X-Ray

For Appointments, Call 866.596.8456. 

For Copies of Images or Radiologist Reports, Call 845.368.5000 (ext.) 6120.

Using the most advanced imaging systems and state-of-the-art equipment, our Diagnostic Radiology department offers fast and efficient diagnostic services. Our highly trained and certified technologists ensure that all diagnostic studies are rendered in sharp, precise detail, helping doctors to make a faster and more accurate diagnosis for a wide array of diseases and conditions.

Full Spectrum of Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic X-ray, or radiography, is a special method for taking pictures of areas inside the body. A machine focuses a small amount of radiation on the area of the body to be examined. The X-rays pass through the body, creating an image on film or a computer display.

The equipment, staff, and steps involved are different for each type of diagnostic X-ray procedure. However, they are all invaluable tools in detecting abnormalities and making early diagnosis of disease or injury.

Good Samaritan Hospital offers experience and expertise in all types of diagnostic X-rays, including technologies and techniques that might not be available at other medical facilities.

Hours and appointments

Good Samaritan Hospital
255 Lafayette Avenue, first floor
Suffern, NY 10901

Open around the clock
For appointments and insurance inquiries: 866.596.8456

What do I bring?

You’ll need your insurance information, the prescription for the procedure from your doctor (a phone order from your doctor is acceptable, too), and a referral if your insurance requires it.

How do I prepare?

Patients will follow a different process depending on the diagnostic X-ray procedure. Patients might be asked to make dietary changes leading up to the time of the exam. Patients might also be asked to leave jewelry at home, along with other metal objects that could interfere with the X-ray images.

Most exams require little or no preparation, but to be sure, we recommend you call us at least 24 hours before your appointment at 866.596.8456.

Can I take my medication?

Please make sure to discuss this with us when you schedule, because it depends on the procedure you’re having done. We will give you full instructions when you speak with us.

What if I’m pregnant?

Upon arrival, you must alert our technologist if you are pregnant, or even if you think you may be pregnant.