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Your Experience with Us

Meet Our Navigators

Every patient is different, with her own needs, questions and concerns. That’s why we take such care in personally guiding you through our entire process—from initial tests and follow-up care to your emotional support—through our navigators.

  Ida Ramos-Bendayan, RN, MSN, Clinical Nurse Navigator

Ida helps guide patients along the pathway to wellness after a breast cancer diagnosis. She educates and counsels patients about their diagnosis, treatment options and clinical trials available, while also referring them to the appropriate support services and community resources. As the Clinical Nurse Navigator, Ida is your central contact to help you move smoothly through the healthcare system and receive the highest standard of care in a timely manner.

Office: (845) 368-5492
Mobile: (845) 825-2902
Fax: (845) 368-5901

  Cynthia Del Valle, Screening Patient Navigator

Cynthia’s role is to reach out to women who are overdue for their screening mammograms in an effort to eliminate barriers that may be preventing them from getting screened. Cynthia is your contact for whenever your patient may need extra assistance with scheduling their mammogram.

Office: (845) 368-5816
Mobile: (845) 274-3229
Fax: (845) 368-5901

  Ana Paisley, Patient Navigator

Ana helps Dr. Karsif’s patients with everything from accessing resources, to appointments with specialists, follow-up care, lab work, questions, emotional support and more. As a patient navigator, Ana is your central contact to make things easier for you.

Office: (845) 357-7462
Fax: (845) 533-7200