Breast Sonography

Breast Sonography

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Breast sonography or ultrasound is an imaging technology that uses sound waves to capture pictures of tissue inside the breast. This specialized procedure is often used to follow up an abnormal mammogram or clinical exam. Breast sonograms are noninvasive—and they don’t use radiation.

Your healthcare provider moves a wand-like device called a transducer over your skin to make the images of your breasts. The transducer sends out sound waves that bounce off your breast tissue. The sound waves are too high-pitched for you to hear. The transducer then picks up the bounced sound waves. These are made into pictures of the inside of your breasts.

Your healthcare provider can add another device called a Doppler probe to the transducer. This probe lets your healthcare provider hear the sound waves the transducer sends out. He or she can hear how fast blood is flowing through a blood vessel and in which direction it is flowing. No sound or a faint sound may mean that you have a blockage in the flow.

Many times, a sonogram can provide a better picture of certain areas of the breast than a mammogram. It can also show if a breast lump is filled with fluid or is solid. It’s important to know that a sonogram is not a replacement for a mammogram, but rather an additional, supplemental test for most women.

Our Breast Ultrasound program is accredited by the American College of Radiology which signifies our commitment to following industry standards and delivering accurate clinical outcomes.  Our breast sonography system is one of the most advanced systems on the market today, offering exquisite image quality for easier and more precise biopsies.

Hours and appointments

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What do I bring?

You’ll need your insurance information, the prescription for the procedure from your doctor (a phone order from your doctor is acceptable, too), and a referral if your insurance requires it. Please bring all results from previous ultrasound procedures. If your previous images are from another facility, please bring CDs or films three days prior to your procedure.

How do I prepare?

For some procedures, a nurse needs to interview you first. We’ll let you know if you need to do this when you schedule an appointment with us.

The day of your sonogram, do not apply powder, deodorant, or perfume on your upper body. You may eat and take all medications as directed by your doctor. You will be asked to remove any jewelry and clothing from the waist up so please wear something comfortable and easy to remove. You will be given a gown to wear.