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Hospitalists are a rapidly growing specialty, with nearly 20,000 practicing in the United States today. Studies show that they offer many advantages to patients and physicians alike, including increased efficiency of care and shorter lengths of stay.

A hospitalist is an on-site physician who specializes in the exclusive care of hospitalized patients. Our hospitalists do not have private practices—they’re full-time employees who are trained and skilled in the special dynamics of hospital care. Your hospitalist doesn’t replace your primary care physician. Instead, he or she works in partnership with your doctor for highly effective care during your stay with us.

Hospitalists are available at:

  • Bon Secours Community Hospital (845.858.7170)
  • Good Samaritan Hospital (845.368.5983)
  • St. Anthony Community Hospital  (845.986.2276)

Assess and Treat You

Our hospitalists are here around the clock to keep your care progressing. They’ll answer your questions, interpret test results and direct your care, including coordinating lab work, X-rays, specialists, therapy and more. With a hospitalist, there’s always someone carefully monitoring you. And since hospitalists are on-site, they can respond quickly if there’s a change in your condition. You don’t have to wait for your doctor to be called to the hospital.

Keep Your Primary Care Physician Informed

Communication is a key component of this program. Your hospitalist will work very closely with your primary care physician to coordinate your care. They’ll be in continual contact during your hospitalization.

Transition Your Care Back to Your Doctor

When you're discharged, your hospitalist will send a detailed summary of your stay and treatment to your physician, so he or she can continue your care. The hospitalist will also schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor.