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Physical and Occupational Therapy Exercises

It is important to be as fit as possible before undergoing a total joint replacement. This will make your recovery much faster. The exercises are shown below should be performed before and continue after your surgery. You should be able to do them in 15-20 minutes, and it is recommended that you do all of them twice a day. It is not harmful for you to do more. Consider this as a minimum amount of exercise prior to your surgery.  Stop any exercises that are too painful.

Knee Replacement Exercises 

Heel Slides


Quad Set


Ankle Pumps


Straight Leg Raise


Arm Chair Push-Up


Hip Replacement Exercises 

Long Arc Quad


Glute Set


Ankle Pumps - Seated in a Chair


Arm Chair Push-Up


Returning to Daily Activities at Home

Ascending and Descending Stairs


Car Transfer


Putting On Your Sock and Taking it Off 


Putting On Your Pants After Your Knee Replacement Surgery


Putting On Your Pants After Your Hip Replacement Surgery 


Precautions to Take After Your Hip Replacement Surgery


Entering and Exiting the Tub/Shower