Concussion Rehabilitation

The Concussion Management and Rehabilitation Program at the Bon Secours Health System takes a multidisciplinary approach to treat both children and adults with sustained concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries. Through the application of cutting edge rehabilitation and sports medicine science, we can help patients recover from head injury and return to normal daily life as well as school, work and sports participation.

A Team Approach

Led by Dr. Belasco, the rehabilitation team at the concussion management and rehabilitation program consists of physical therapists, vestibular therapists, occupational therapist and speech pathologists as well as comprehensive care nursing coordinators. Using treatment models developed from state of the art research, our team can treat patients in all stages of recovery; from acute injury all the way back to return to play/work.

Physical Therapy/Vestibular Therapy:

Our Physical Therapists and Vestibular Therapists provide a comprehensive program that may entail balance exercises, exercise and exertional intolerance rehabilitation, hands-on manual therapy and prepare you to return to life, work, and sport with customized return to play protocols.

  •  Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Imbalance
  • Car sickness
  • Head, neck, or back pain
  • Inability to return to work, school, sports

Speech Pathology:

Our Speech Pathologists work with patients on cognitive-communication impairments and provide state of the art cognitive rehabilitation therapy.

  • Attention and concentration problems
  • Problems processing and understanding information
  • Language and communication problems
  • Problems learning and remembering new information
  • Planning and organization problems
  • Problems with reasoning, problem-solving, and judgment
  • Inappropriate, embarrassing, or impulsive behavior
  • Inability to return to work or school

Occupational Therapy:

Our Occupational Therapists address deficits related to visual-spatial tasks, oculomotor function and activities of daily living.

  • Decreased confidence in your daily life
  • Difficulty returning to daily activities including work, school, or leisure activities
  • Decreased awareness of your environment
  • Trouble with fine or gross motor coordination
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Light or sound sensitivity

To request an appointment with our doctors or therapists please call 845.291.0966 or visit the Concussion Management Offices page.