Stress Testing

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Stress Testing is scheduled through your cardiologist.

Our phone number is 845-368-6155

Most insurance plans are accepted.

Stress Testing

Stress tests, also known as cardiac diagnostic tests, help your doctor see how your heart responds to stress. Either through vigorous exercise or through the use of medicine, your heart is made to work hard and beat faster. During the test, your heart’s circulation is measured both at rest and during exertion, and the two extremes are compared. Stress tests are often used to diagnose heart disease or to see how well a patient is doing after a heart attack.
Our team is comprised of radiologists, certified nuclear medicine technologists, nurses and cardiologists. They work to administer our stress tests—providing you expert and compassionate care for these very important procedures.

We offer two types of advanced stress testing:

Stress echocardiography which combines an echocardiogram and a stress test. Echocardiograms take moving pictures of your heart using sound waves.

Nuclear stress test
where a radiotracer (a type of dye that can be seen by X-ray machines) is injected into the patient before the test. Through imaging technology, the dye shows, in detail, how blood is circulating around the heart and where potential blockages or damage may be.

Both tests bring state-of-the-art imaging and the latest in diagnostic services to our patients.