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Neuro-Spine Surgery

Neuro-Spine Surgery
The Neurosurgical Spine Program at Good Samaritan Hospital

A spinal injury or condition can be terribly painful or even debilitating… affecting every aspect of your life. But for many people, the thought of surgery is simply too overwhelming. They try to cope with their condition and end up spending years in chronic discomfort.

The simple truth is, with today’s advancements in spinal surgery, you have more viable options than ever.

Our Neurosurgical Spine Program offers a full scope of surgical care—including minimally invasive surgery, spine instrumentation and microsurgery—for virtually every spinal condition or injury. Every day, we treat patients of all ages for herniated discs, spinal tumors, trauma and degenerative diseases.

Our Approach 

When it comes to something as important as back surgery, we take a conservative approach, based on careful evaluation of your history, the pain and limitations you’re experiencing and what we see through highly advanced imaging technology.

What we find is that most of our patients are perfectly suited to minimally invasive techniques—tiny incisions, with a much faster recovery time and less pain. Often, when patients come to us even for a second opinion, they end up staying, because they want and appreciate the approach we take. We can help you, too.

Our Experts are Here to Help

Our entire neurosurgical spine team is comprised of highly trained experts with years of experience to draw on. We think you’ll feel comfortable and confident with them right away… and invite you to make an appointment today. They’ll meet with you, do an extensive exam and evaluation, and tell you what options are available. Do yourself and your spine a favor, and call today.

How to Find a Physician That Suits Your Needs

Click here to find a physician that specializes in neurosurgical spine surgery.

1. You will be brought to a screen in which it asks you to "Please Select a hospital below".

2. Choose "Good Samaritan Hospital" 

3. Click the filter for "Neurological Surgery 

4. A list of our participating physicians within our minimally invasive spine surgery program will be listed for you to choose!  Information including office hours, locations, and background information on the physician will be provided for you to make an educated decision upon choosing a physician.